The Glass Hotel, by Emily St. John Mandel

The “Glass Hotel” is a book by Emily Mandel that talks about two siblings who go through hardships. They include loneliness, drugs, corruption, guilt, and heartache. Paul Smith, who is 18 years old, is a dropout who uses drugs. In 1994, he visits his sister Vincent who is in Vancouver. Vincent is Paul’s half-sister who has just lost her mother. After five years in Vancouver, Paul works as a night houseman while her sister works at a luxury hotel. After Paul leaves there for a while, and leaves a message for his sister. On the other hand, Vincent also moves to East Coast, kingdom money, as Mandel calls the place. She moves there to work for an investor by the name, Jonathan Alkaitis as a trophy wife.

Vincent later starts working as a cook after Jonathan’s scheme collapses and goes to jail. On the other hand, Paul has started using his sister’s old videos to make music. Paul makes something out of himself even after struggling with drugs for a long period. Mandel tries to show the unbreakable bond that is between the two siblings. The author uses flash-forwards and flashback to show how much the two are close even if they are apart.

Emily St. John Mandel was from British Columbia, Canada, and was born and raised there. She went to school of dance theatre, where she studied contemporary dance. Before moving to New York, she stayed in Montreal for a short time. Mandel is an author of five books, “The Glass Hotel,” included. The book has been translated into more than 30 languages. It has won several awards. Emily lives with her husband in NYC together with her daughter.

This book can be used in school for educational purposes, and anyone can read it. The book teaches how one can find the meaning of life through various infinite ways. It portraits love, greed, delusions, and guilt. “The Glass Hotel” shows how it is important for people to have strong bonds even if they are far apart. If the love between two people is genuine, it is possible to live far from each other. They can still have an unbreakable bond like that of Paul and Vincent. The book is suitable for kids, women, and everyone who loves reading novels.

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