Luster, by Raven Leilani

Luster is the debut novel of Raven Leilani, and it has already won numerous awards. It is a New York Times Bestseller and is on the list for the best book of the year for numerous magazines including O Magazine, Glamour, Buzzfeed, and more. Be sure to check out Luster as it will not disappoint.

Luster is a dark, comedic novel that follows a young black woman named Edie who is navigating her unique life. Edie is an artist, but throughout the novel, she also has to navigate the delicate issues surrounding love and the bad choices she has made in life. She falls for a man named Eric who is in an open relationship with his wife and who lives in New Jersey. Edie begins to live with his family, living under racism, the rules of Eric’s wife, and the love of the couple’s daughter Akila.

Raven Leilani is an African-American author who understands the struggles that come along with racism and with being a young, African-American woman firsthand. She grew up in the Bronx but soon began to live in the suburb of Albany which is near New York City. Leilani studied English and psychology while enrolled in college, and she also worked on the side as a visual artist throughout her time in college. Raven Leilani still calls the New York City area home, where she currently lives in Brooklyn. Luster is her debut book, and it has brought her tremendous success very quickly with the highest acclaims from some of the top reviewers.

Women who love romance novels and want a twist on the traditional romance novel will fall quickly for this book. Anyone will enjoy it, however, with its twists, deep emotions, and witty humor showcased throughout. This is an emotional, successful, and deep book that will help any reader navigate the societal struggles that exist in the world today, including sexual mannerisms and race equality.

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